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Industrial plastics recycling contributes to the circular economy

Unlike many other raw materials, most types of plastic retain virtually their original quality during recycling. In this way, plastic makes a valuable contribution to the circular economy. Closing production chains by reusing valuable raw materials must become the norm. This is better for people, animals and the environment and it also provides financial benefits.

Plastic Company has been working closely with the plastics processing industry throughout Europe for more than 20 years, by collecting and milling, for example, residual material, overcapacity or rejected batches. In addition, we are also able to recycle plastic materials that are no longer worth anything as a result of, for example, a change of corporate identity or a takeover.

The ingested material is carefully recycled by type in order to guarantee the quality of the milling material. Only then it can be used as a non-virgin raw material for the production of new semi-finished products. Our high-quality grinding material is returned by us to the plastics processing industry.

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