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Our approach

In order to keep the quality of our grinds as high as possible, we provide free loan crates in which you can collect the material clean, dry and by type. And to make it as easy as possible, we have different types and sizes.

If you want to deliver material in a different way, please contact us on telephone number +31 165 316025.

In consultation with you, we determine the frequency with which we collect materials from you. In case of an emergency, we can exchange your full crates for empty ones within 24 hours!


You can use the following crates:

Plastic crate

120 x 100 x 95

Philips crate

120 x 100 x 100

Wooden crate

120 x 100 x 110

For outdoor storage, PE protective covers are available that can be slid over 1 or 2 full crates. This keeps dirt and moisture to a minimum.